Services Tailored Specifically to Your Needs

From strategy development to campaign execution, Harkness Digital can deliver the results you need at a price that's right for your business. Your project will be designed specifically for your needs and will be quoted at one of the most competitive rates in the industry. If you're not sure what you need, just ask us and we'd be happy to outline a plan that's based on years of experience.

Transparent Pricing

After your free digital marketing audit, we'll provide you with a quote; and you'll never pay more than that. Plus, with our transparent project tracking, you can view the progress of your project in realtime, gaining valuable insight into where every one of your marketing dollars goes.



Digital Strategy

We can build you a complete Digital Marketing Strategy, with a timeline to hit your target goals and action items so your team can hit the ground running. This is the best place to get started and will give you excellent insight into your current initiatives.

Conversion Funnel Development

If you're generating a lot of leads but no sales, let us map out the journey your prospects take through your conversion funnel to determine where you're missing opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization

Small changes to your website can have a big impact on how easy it is for your potential customers to find you on the Internet. We can outline all of the industry-accepted on-site and off-site best practices that will give you the right competitive advantage. SEO is also available as a Managed Service.

Persona Analysis

What are the characteristics of your target buyer? Understanding who purchases/uses your product or service will allow you to better design your marketing. 


Managed Services

Email Marketing

Whether it's a regular monthly newsletter or a one-time direct response email, we can build, test, optimize, and deploy the campaigns that drive results for your business. Plus, according to Constant Contact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

Paid Search

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a critical component of a holistic digital marketing strategy. We can design a competitive paid search program, with carefully selected keywords and ads, that resonate and move your buyers from consideration to purchase.

Social Media

Leveraging organic social media to support greater marketing efforts is more difficult than it sounds. Based on your desired spend, we can grow and engage an audience of advocates for your business.

Paid Social Advertising

Get the message in front of your customers where they are spending their time: on social media. Targeted ads can be served in a variety of interesting and exciting formats and can deliver some of the best cost-per-conversion results available.


They've already visited your website, let's them in the sales funnel! Retargeting your website visitors with high-quality copy and creative will keep your brand top-of-mind until they're ready to buy.

Mobile App Marketing

Is your mobile app the next big thing? We can assist you in driving downloads and building an active userbase.

Display Advertising

Our team of designers will build eye-catching display advertisements and our industry-leading audience targeting will ensure that your ads are seen by the people who are most likely to purchase. Ask us about how to get started.

Search Engine Optimization

Want a bump in your organic search engine rankings but don't have the resources to manage it internally? Let Harkness Digital do all the work. Explore all SEO services here. SEO is also available as a Consulting Service.



Marketing Automation

The chances are good that your current marketing software is not being maximized. We can design a sales operation system that minimizes manual labor, freeing up your sales team to focus on more important tasks.

Website Design

Our team of extremely talented UI/UX designers and full-stack web developers is at your disposal and we can help you build your dream website, at competitive rates.


Still have questions?

If you didn't see what you're looking for, drop us a line and let's chat.